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About Performance Engine & Drivetrain

Shedding precious kilos from your engine's bulk and delivering the tough reliability to cope with all manner of performance demands, Sparesbox range of Lightweight Engine Pulleys from GFB (Go Fast Bits) have been designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your engine. 

How Different Engine Parts Can Improve your Performance

Every performance enthusiast knows just how much importance an upgraded engine has in boosting your vehicle's speed, acceleration and responsiveness on the road. However, people often don't give enough credit or thought to the wide range of pulleys and belts that drive the pumps and electronic components that truly make your vehicle function on a day to day basis.

The stresses and strains of high performance driving can often take a large toll on these belts and pulleys, often causing stock versions of these components fail prematurely and cause not only serious damage to the rest of your engine, but also a significant drop in performance. Heavier stock pulleys can also add unecessary weight to your vehicle's engine, potentially costing you precious time and efficiency when you're gunning for peak performance. Lighter weight engine pulleys, belts and other components are designed to counteract this through the use of light, incredibly strong materials.

Our Range of Engine Performance Parts

GFB produce a great variety of lightweight crankshaft pulleys, water pump pulleys and alternator pulleys, all of which are made from high performance anodized aluminium materials and designed to maximise your performance while minimising weight.

GFB crank pulleys are an outstanding option for attaining faster acceleration and an improved throttle response, while our GFB water pump pulleys and alternator pulleys are brilliant for reducing weight around your engine and adding an enhanced aesthetic to your vehicle's engine bay. These pulleys are also available in complete kits tailored to specific vehicles, perfect for a 1 step overhaul of your engine's vital components.