About Lightweight Engine Pulleys & Drive Kits

Spares Box has a massive range of lightweight engine and cooling system pulleys to save you precious weight all across your engine bay. Made by GFB out of the toughest, lightest materials available, these pulleys will help drive up your engine efficiency by shedding precious kgs and improve your throttle responsiveness.

How Do Lightweight Engine Pulleys Improve My Performance?

All of these pulleys and pulley kits are designed to save on weight while maximising throttle and engine responsiveness. Stock pulleys and components are often made of weighty, heavy duty materials that compromise on weight in the name of reliability and long-lasting consistency. Performance pulleys get around this by utilising materials that are just as tough while also being a fraction of the weight, often saving you over a kilo of weight per pulley you install.

Lightweight pulleys are often machined out of single billets of lightweight, tough metals like aluminium, designed to cope with extreme pressures and temperatures for longer. Being more efficient, these pulleys generally require less power for your engine to turn, meaning that you get a more responsive feel from your throttle and engine every time you hit the gas.

Our Range of Lightweight Pulleys

Spares Box carries a great range of pulley kits to suit all areas of some of Australia's most popular performance cars. Catering for vehicles like the Subaru WRX STi, Toyota 86 and Nissan Skyline, all of these pulleys are manufactured out of machined, anodized, aircraft-grade aluminium billets to be as tough as they are light, and vice versa.

These pulleys are designed to replace some of the most needlessly heavy, clunky components around your engine, and even to save weight in some of the areas that don't necessarily affect the performance of your motor directly. GFB make crankshaft pulleys, water pump pulleys and alternator pulley kits for all of these vehicles, many of which come with the necessary engine belts and serpentine belts to deliver peak performance.