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About Short Shifter Kits

Short shifter kits allow you to adjust the throw distances of your gear shifter, meaning your hand needs to travel less distance to change the gear, in turn enhancing the control you have over your vehicle's transmission performance.

How Can a Short Shifter Maximise My Performance?

When it comes to achieving the very best lap time, drag time or just optimised performance, keeping the times of your gear shifts down is absolutely crucial. In race conditions, a short shift kit can also make it far easier and far more comfortable for a high-intensity race driver to change gears, allowing for quick upshifts and downshifts when travelling fast around the track.

More control over your gearbox and a lower shift time, even if it's a matter of milliseconds, can lead to enhanced traction, quicker acceleration coming out of corners and off the line, and an enhanced ability for your vehicle to hit its top speed faster.

Our Range of Short Shifter Kits

GFB have provided our great line of Short Shifters and Short Shift Kits, who have earned their name as a true sydney-based success story in performance parts. Entirely based and operated in Australia, Go Fast Bits have done a fantastic job developing their extensive range of performance parts, from the aforementioned short shifter kits to blow off valves and diverter valves, lightweight pulleys, performance engine belts and boost controllers. GFB's entire line is performance bred and made out of the most advanced materials for the lightest, strongest construction and the delivery of maximised performance.

GFB Short Shifters have not only got the quality to match all their rivals (and there are many also making Short Shifter Kits), but they've gone one step further and added a bunch of improvements to enhance the experience that you've invested in. GFB Short Shifters are designed with a unique system that make the shift distance fully adjustable, meaning you get full control over your shift experience. All of this innovation also comes with a stamp of quality, and all of GFB's products come with an ISO9001 accreditation.