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About Exhaust Mounts

Exhaust Mounts, also sometimes referred to as Exhaust Hangers, are basically like rubber bands that are used to attach your Exhaust System to the underside of your vehicle. Exhaust Mounts are loops usually made out of rubber or a bonded metal and rubber composite. Using good quality, good fitting exhaust mounts are going to prevent damage to your exhaust and vehicle. This will save you from any unwarranted damage to your Exhaust System and vehicle.

Why are Exhaust Mounts Important?

Helping to eliminate excessive movement in the exhaust, Exhaust Mounts will prevent the exhaust from hitting the car body, or the pavement, which can contribute towards cracking the exhaust manifold.

Common problems that are a result of a tired or split Exhaust Mounts are the exhaust hitting or banging the underside of the vehicle and the back axle. These will be easy to identify as every time you drive over a bump or uneven surfaces there will be a noisy bump.

It’s worthwhile upgrading your Exhaust Mounts when upgrading your Exhaust to an aftermarket Performance Exhaust System. Using a damaged or poor quality Exhaust Mount can result in the Exhaust dislodging which can cause extensive damage. Having a brand new damaged Exhaust System is the last thing you want. A small investment to ensure the protection and top performance of your Exhaust System.

Our Range of Exhaust Mounts

Sparesbox currently offer a variety of premium and performance Exhaust Mounts by Mackay and Exhaust Mount Kits by SuperPro.

Mackay is an 100% Australian owned company formed in 1932. Their attention to detail and quality and their use of 3D scanning technology means every mount is ensured precision measurements. Mackay Exhaust Mounts are the perfect solution to noise and vibrations coming from an Exhaust System that isn’t mounted properly or is being held by a damaged or underperforming existing Exhaust Mount. Mackay Exhaust uncompromising standards of excellence in product development, material formulation and production ensure a stiffer more durable Exhaust Mount than original mounts.

SuperPro Exhaust Mount Bush Kits deliver premium stabilisation and protection of Exhaust Systems. Custom engineered in Australia SuperPro Exhaust Mount Bushes are made from a blend of Polyurethane instead of standard rubber as used in many other mounts. SuperPro’s Exhaust Mount Bushes help to eliminate exhaust rattle, reducing any added stress that your system often experiences when not using quality bushes and mounts. SuperPro Exhaust Mount Bush Kits reduce abrasion, temperature resistance and harshness providing a reliable and safe solution for holding your Exhaust in place.