About Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems give significant improvements in horsepower and torque to your vehicle. Replacing your exhaust system with a performance exhaust system is one of the most beneficial aftermarket overhauls you can give your car if what you want is one thing – optimum performance.

How Exhaust Systems Work

With a regular exhaust system that’s fitted by your car’s manufacturer, you will be driving a car that’s missing out on massive amounts of potential power and torque. With a performance exhaust system though, you are unlocking your engine’s true capabilities and performance exhaust systems come in a variety of different fitments to fit both your budget and performance demands. Cat back exhaust systems attach to your vehicle's stock catalytic converter to provide a modest power boost and noise, where as header back and turbo back systems replace your vehicle's entire exhaust system for optimum flow and performance through every inch of your exhaust.

Fitment of a quality performance exhaust system will guarantee a quicker, efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. When spent exhaust gases are given the opportunity to exit the combustion chamber at a quicker rate than in a standard exhaust system, the results are remarkable. Since your engine is able to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders at a drastically improved rate, back pressure and turbulence will make way for maximum efficiency and raw power. 

How Exhaust Systems Can Benefit Australian Drivers

Australian performance cars, such as the Holden Commodore or Ford's FPV range, traditionally have big block, meaty engines that are capable of churning through incredible amounts of air and fuel in the quest for raw power, meaning a good exhaust system can work wonders in making sure it hits its true potential. Exhaust systems can also prove a great boost for some of the more popular performance cars you see on roads down under, from hot hatches like the Golf GTi to the best Japanese cars from Subaru, Toyota and Nissan.

The performance benefits that come with an unleashed exhaust system are massive, but with a quality performance exhaust system you will not miss out on that iconic, low growl that accompanies that most impressive engines. Being manufactured by XFORCE, all of our exhaust systems are locally engineered and designed, meaning that they're truly built to cope with the harshest conditions Australian roads can throw up.

Our Range of Performance Exhausts

Spares Box offer only the best exhaust systems that put entire focus on boosting your car’s performance. Working closely with XFORCE, we have a range of quality products focused purely on performance. These exhaust systems vary massively in shape, build and material, meaning they're tailor made to fit your vehicle perfectly and gift it with the very best performance gain for your investment. Spares Box's range of exhaust systems goes across cat back exhausts, turbo back and header back systems, made of both mild and stainless steel in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The result of local research, engineering and testing, XFORCE create the most impressive results through their performance exhaust systems. On top of that, Being the result of XForce design and engineering, their performance exhaust systems look the part as well.