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About Headers & Extractors

Performance exhaust headers are one of the easiest aftermarket products you can install to increase your car’s engine performance. As well as being cost-effective, performance exhaust headers give some of the most remarkable results.

How Headers & Extractors Work

With a regular exhaust header that’s fitted by your car’s manufacturer, you will be lucky to avoid noticeable back pressure and turbulence, which forces the motor to work much harder just to get those power gains. With a performance exhaust header though, the point is to maximize your engine’s ability to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. The end result is improved engine efficiency and power, which in turn gives you much superior performance on the track and on the street.

The process involves each cylinder being allocated its own exhaust pipe, therefore eliminating the manifold’s back pressure. With an exhaust header, your cylinders no longer share from the one manifold. Each pipe on an exhaust header is designed using advanced technology to keep each the same length as the other. The advantage of this is that every cylinder’s exhaust gases reaches the collector in equal spread, therefore eliminating back pressure and giving you optimum power and torque.

How Headers & Extractors Can Benefit Australian Drivers

Designed to suit Australia’s varied, often tough, conditions, our performance exhaust headers are proven to give maximum engine results no matter the environment. Our performance exhaust headers also give easy, stress-free fitment to the vast majority of passenger cars, SUVs and 4WDs, ensuring no-one misses out on the extraordinary results. 

Our Range of Headers & Extractors

Spares Box offer only the best exhaust headers that put entire focus on boosting your car’s performance. Working closely with XFORCE, we have a range of quality products that are engineered right here down under and focused on performance. The result of endless research, engineering and testing, XFORCE create the most impressive performance results through their performance exhaust headers.

Every XFORCE header, extractor and exhaust manifold is designed to fit specifically with the vehicle it's being installed in. Being an Australian brand, this means that you can be guaranteed the very best parts for some of Australia's most popular perforamnce vehicles, such as the Holden Commodore VE and the Ford Falcon BA.