About Universal Mufflers

Performance mufflers help to streamline your vehicle's exhaust flow, making up a vital part of any performance exhaust system. These universal mufflers are designed to fit onto the end of pretty much every exhaust system, providing an ideal replacement for anyone who wants to take their car's performance to the next level.

How Universal Mufflers Work

Performance mufflers are designed to work with the sound waves produced by the engine in order to cancel out much of the noise produced without negatively impacting on performance. The muffler is a vital part of every vehicle on the road, from passenger cars to heavy duty vehicles. With a regular muffler that’s fitted by your car’s manufacturer, noise will be massively reduced in order to achieve normal levels.

In order to reduce exhaust noise, mufflers normally use a winding channel which reduces the rate at which exhaust gases leave the vehicle. Performance mufflers streamline this part of your system, creating a much more efficient flow of gases out of your vehicle's engine. With a universal performance muffler, the reduction of noise will also take place but will not compromise the engine’s overall performance.

How a Good Muffler Can Benefit Australian Drivers

Muffler upgrades might seem a little bit inconsequential when compared with a full system overhaul, but at they can still play a vital role in enhancing the experience of pretty much Australian who really loves to drive. In addition to the performance upgrade that comes with streamlining your muffler along with the rest of your exhaust, a performance muffler is the main factor in producing that distinctive, powerful growl that comes with proper performance cars.

Our Range of Universal Mufflers

Spares Box offer only the best performance mufflers that put the entire focus on boosting your car’s performance. In sourcing our range of universal mufflers we've gone to XFORCE, who are Australia's leaders in performance exhaust systems. Universal performance mufflers come in a variety of forms. With each designed to perform slightly different functions, there is no one muffler design the same as the next.

At Spares Box, we offer XFORCE mufflers in 3 unique designs: The Cannon muffler, the Oval muffler, and the Twin Loop muffler. Each of these products are weld-on and come in high quality, polished stainless steel – the result of endless development and local engineering. They come in a huge range of shapes, diameters and inlet sizes, making them as easy as possible to attach to pretty much every exhaust system.