About Anti-Roll Bars & Bushes

What are Anti Roll Bars?

Commonly referred to as Sway Bars, Sway Bars are a fundamental suspension component that have been designed to reduce body roll in your vehicle. Sparesbox range of Sway Bars have been carefully selected to improve the handling of your vehicle by mitigating sideways tilt when cornering at speed and over bumps in order to maximise tyre contact with the road road superior handling, greater steering feedback and safety.

Sway Bar Bushes sit inside the clamp that connects the sway bar, allowing for a degree of flexibility and movement while driving. Worn out or poor quality Sway Bar Bushes can cause incessant noise on uneven terrain and transmit vibration into the cabin.

What are the Benefits of Anti Roll Bars?

Sway Bars actively reduce the amount of body roll in your vehicle in high-speed cornering, over bumps and on uneven road surfaces, which, in turn, increases tyre-to-road contact for superior handling, steering feedback and safety. Greater tyre-to-road contact means more grip for the driver in performance driving applications.

In contrast to traditional solid connections, Sparesbox range of SuperPro Sway Bar Bushings offer less NVH transmission and don’t need lubrication. SuperPro Sway bar Bushes are made using Polyurethane, boasting improved durability, reliability and performance over their rubber counterparts.

Our Range of Anti Roll Bars

Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of SuperPro Sway Bars and Whiteline Sway Bars that are suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles. Two of the most renowned manufacturers of sway bars in Australia, SuperPro and Whiteline Sway Bars are guaranteed to improve the handling performance of your vehicle.

Sparesbox Range of SuperPro Suspension Bushes are the ideal addition to your vehicle's Sway Bar setup. Designed to reduce vibration and noise, SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushes are the premier choice for performance oriented drivers in Australia.