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About Caster Angle & Camber Kits

What Are Caster and Camber Kits?

Lowering Springs and Coilovers are an excellent way to improve the appearance and handling of your vehicle. For many, the handling equation starts and stops with the ride height, not knowing the effects that adjusting the height of your vehicle can have on other components.

Adjusting the height of your vehicle will also dramatically change the camber of your vehicle and, unless adjusted, will cause premature wear to the inside of your tyres. As such, ensuring that you're adjusting your camber and caster safely is a matter of utmost importance. For this reason, Sparesbox has sourced a range of outstanding Caster & Camber Kits and bushings, all of which are Australian engineered from two of Australia's Suspension leaders: SuperPro and Whiteline.

What are the Benefits of Caster and Camber Kits?

Adding a Caster and Camber Kit to your vehicle will not only reduce tyre wear, it will also give you additional poise and customised handling to suit a variety of driving conditions, from uneven surfaces and pot hole riddled urban roads to the racetrack. As such, if you’re planning on adjusting the ride height of your vehicle, Caster and Camber Kits are a necessary addition to your vehicle's suspension setup.

Our Range of Caster and Camber Kits

Caster Adjustment Kits and Toe Arm kits are perfect for making small tweaks to your vehicle's alignment. These adjustment kits can vary the angle that your wheels’ point on the road, and the premium materials and engineering of Superpro kits present the best and safest way of doing this.

Superpro also offer full overhaul kits to completely realign your vehicle's front end. These kits come with all the bushings to adjust your sway bars, control arms, panhard rods and trailing arms and improve your vehicle's steering and handling. All Superpro alignment bushings are crafted from the finest quality polyurethane to provide the best resistance against abrasion, heat and vibrations. All of these elements combined mean that you don't just get a customised handling experience, but also one free of vibration and a steering set up that feels as secure and responsive as possible.

Sparesbox also offer a range of Whiteline Camber bolts that use a positive toothed lock washer for simple adjustment, lock and no slip.