About Coilovers

What are Coilovers?

Short for ‘Coil Spring Over Shock’, the term ‘Coilover Suspension’ is synonymous with being a premium suspension system that offers adjustable ride height and improved handling by lowering your vehicle's centre of gravity. Coilover Suspension Kits replace both the shock and the spring, which means that, unlike mismatched shock and spring combinations, Coilover Suspension Kits will improve the appearance and handling of your vehicle without diminishing the ride quality.

What are the Benefits of Coilovers?

Coilover Suspension Kits offer a complete replacement for your vehicle's standard suspension. Purchasing a Coilover Suspension Kit means that the spring rate and dampening has already been calculated for you, so that you can be confident that the Spring and Coil will work together effectively to improve the handling of your vehicle.

While lowering the ride height of your vehicle may be a great way to improve its appearance and lower its centre of gravity, it may not always be ideal for Australia’s less than perfect road conditions. For many, the most appealing aspect of Coilover Suspension Kits over Lowering Springs is that they offer complete adjustability.

Coilover Suspension Kits allow the user to adjust the height of their vehicle, as well as the dampening force of the suspension depending on the required application. If you’re heading out to a track day, you can drive there at one height, wind them down by 20-30mm for a few hours of track use, and then adjust them for the ride home.

Our Range of Coilovers

Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of Coilover Kits that have been designed to improve the appearance and the handling characteristics of your vehicle. With performance suspension options including, Bilstein Coilover Kits, MCA Suspension Coilover Kits and TEIN Coilover Kits, Sparesbox is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium suspension components, guaranteed to improve the appearance and handling of your vehicle.