About Lowered Springs

What are Lowering Springs?

Lowering Springs are the most cost effective way of lowering the ride height of your vehicle. By lowering the height of your vehicle, Lowering Springs effectively reduce its centre of gravity, reducing body roll, maximising tyre-to-road contact and improving handling.

Designed to work with your vehicle's existing Shock Absorbers or in conjunction with aftermarket Shock Absorbers, Lowering Springs are a simple and effective way of improving the appearance and handling characteristics of your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Lowering Springs?

There are a number of ways you can make sure that you're maximising the performance benefit you get from investing in lowered springs. While you can use lowered springs with your vehicle's stock struts in theory, we generally recommend that you pair them with performance-based shock absorbers, which are better set up to cope with lowered ride heights and more intense driving. It's also beneficial to get your steering and suspension properly tuned by a specialist after installing lowering springs, to make sure your entire handling set up is optimised.

In getting the very best out of your vehicle's handling, ride and steering, few upgrades have quite as much potency as a set of lowering springs. Having your vehicle sitting on lowered springs obviously brings it closer to the ground, which has a number of beneficial effects on handling both on the road and on the track.

Our Range of Lowering Springs

Sparesbox range of King Springs Lowering Springs have been designed to work with your vehicle's existing Shock Absorbers or in conjunction with aftermarket Shock Absorbers. King Springs Lowering Springs are manufactured using high quality, high stress X5K spring steel that significantly reduce the amount of steel required in a spring and decrease the solid height of the spring to increase travel for a more compliant and comfortable ride.

Sparesbox range of King Springs Lowering Springs are available in Low, Super Low and Ultra Low heights to suit a variety of applications and purposes. Whether you’re looking for improved handling performance or a more aggressive stance, King Springs range of Lowering Springs has something for every purpose and application.

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