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About Lowering Kits

What are Lowering Kits?

Sparesbox has taken the guess work out of finding the perfect Spring Coil and Shock Absorber combination with our range of Lowering Kits. Combining world renowned Shock Absorber Manufacturer, KYB Shocks and Australia’s leading supplier of Lowering Springs, King Springs, Sparesbox has curated a selection of Shock Absorber and Coil Spring combinations that make putting together a high-performance suspension setup for your vehicle easy.

For those looking for a more aggressive stance or improved handling without the need for adjustability, Sparesbox Lowering Kits are an ideal alternative to Coilover Suspension Kits.

What are the Benefits of Lowering Kits?

When adjusting the ride height of your vehicle it is important to consider the quality and condition of your vehicle's Shock Absorbers. Adding Lowering Springs to worn out Shock Absorber’s can significantly impair your vehicle's ride quality and cause premature wear of expensive suspension components and tyres.

Sparesbox Suspension Kits take the guess work out of finding the right Shock Absorber and Spring Coil Combination. All of our Suspension Overhaul Kits have been carefully selected with spring rate and dampening in mind. Sparesbox Lowering Kits deliver the dual benefits of enhanced aesthetics and improved handling, while also ensuring the longevity of other vital components of your vehicle's suspension.

Our Range of Lowering Kits

Sparesbox King Springs and KYB Shock Absorber Lowering Kits have been put together with a wide range of vehicles and applications in mind. Whether you’re after a more aggressive stance, improved handling or a track ready suspension setup, Sparesbox range of Lowering Kits has something to suit every purpose and application.