About Shock Absorbers

What are Performance Shock Absorbers?

Designed to smooth out bumps and reduce cabin vibration, Shock Absorbers are one of the most important components of your vehicle's suspension setup. Shock absorbers essentially act as large pistons, filled with either gas and oil to dissipate the heat and pressure that come with absorbing shocks, bumps and vibrations.

While conventional shock absorbers are suited to absorbing the bumps and shocks of the road on longer cruises and every day commute, performance shock absorbers need to built differently to put up with the high-heats and high-pressures that come with fast cornering and the conditions of the race track.

What are the Benefits of Performance Shock Absorbers?

The difference between worn-out or poor quality Shock Absorbers and a high quality set of Bilstein Shock Absorbers is day and night. Where worn-out or poor quality shock absorbers ‘crash’ over bumps and ‘bottom-out’ over potholes, Bilstein Shock Absorbers have been designed to iron out the bumps, absorb uneven road conditions and reduce cabin noise & cabin vibration.

Our Range of Performance Shock Absorbers

Manufactured in Germany and widely regarded as the finest on the market, Bilstein Shock Absorbers are the trusted choice for the most discerning motorists across the world. All Bilstein Shock Absorbers are built to meet or exceed OE levels of quality, meaning they have the precise engineering and build to not only meet the exacting specifications of some of the world's most demanding vehicle manufacturers, but also to cope with the needs of high performance drivers who demand superior functionality on the track.

Sparesbox is proud to offer a complete range of Bilstein Performance Shock Absorbers suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications. Designed to work in conjunction with your vehicle's OE springs or a set of aftermarket Lowering Springs, Bilstein Performance Shock Absorbers have something to suit all applications.