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About Strut Braces

What are Strut Braces?

Strut Braces are one of the most cost effective and simple ways to increase the rigidity and improve the handling of your vehicle. Similar to Sway Bars which attach to the chassis at the bottom of your vehicle, Strut Braces go over the top of your engine, like a bridge, and are the first point of contact with the chassis under the bonnet.

What are the Benefits of Strut Braces?

When cornering at high speeds, your vehicle's chassis has the potential to contort and twist which can cause unnecessary stress to your vehicle, increase body roll, decrease tyre-to-road contact and significantly impair handling performance. Strut braces attach to your vehicle's strut tops at both sides of your engine, forming a bridge over the motor that reduces torsional twisting in the chassis that will improve your vehicle's handling and the quality of ride for you and your passengers.

Strut Braces are manufactured to put up with the stresses and strains that come with performance driving and high speed cornering. Designed using high tech alloys and hollowed out to save weight, Strut Braces are a lightweight and extremely effective way to improve the handling of your vehicle without negatively impacting the ride quality.

Our Range of Strut Braces

Sparesbox is pleased to offer an extensive range of Whiteline Strut Bars and Whiteline Strut Braces suitable for fitment on a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re chasing lap times, improved cornering performance or simply looking at ways to reduce body roll and increase tyre-to-road contact, Whiteline Strut Braces and Whiteline Strut Bars have something for every purpose and application.