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About Suspension Shim Kits

What are Alignment Shim Kits?

Suspension Shim Kits act as spacers which sit in between suspension components to increase the gap or angle that they sit in relation to one and other. By increasing or decreasing the gap or angle between the two parts you achieve the effect of adjusting your vehicle's camber, caster or toe to suit the road and driving condition that you are about to undertake.

Shim Kits are vital for performance oriented drivers and track day enthusiasts who need to make quick adjustments to their vehicles wheel or suspension.

What are the Benefits of Alignment Shim Kits?

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of shim kits is that they stack on top of one and other, allowing you to fine tune your vehicle's camber and caster to a degree of accuracy that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. The progressive nature of alignment shim kits makes it possible to achieve camber, caster and toe to suit your driving conditions.

For instance, adding more shims between your vehicle's lower control arms and the chassis can provide negative camber, while removing the same amount will restore a more neutral position. This means that you can quickly and easily adjust your vehicle's camber and caster for a track day and then adjust it back for regular road conditions.

Our Range of Alignment Shim Kits

Sparesbox is pleased to be partnering with Australia’s premium supplier of Suspension Components, SuperPro, to offer a comprehensive range of Suspension Alignment Shim Kits. Superpro Suspension Alignment Shim Kits have been engineered to offer premium abrasion resistance, temperature management and the reduction of shaking, vibrations and noise.