About Steering Wheels

Being the first point of contact with the road, steering wheels indeed play a vital role in a car. Spares Box is proud to be associated with the leading brand in perfomance steering wheel industry, MOMO and offers a wide range of performance steering wheels.

What does Your Steering Wheel do?

A steering wheel is responsible for smooth turning of the vehicles and helps in obtaining easier steering and better feel of the road. A performance steering wheel has a superior and thick grip that makes it perfect for racing cars.

While steering wheel handles the steering operation, its prime purpose is to allow the driver to control the vehicle's direction by turning the front wheel. The steering wheel is the only part of the steering system that is controlled by the driver, whereas the rest of the steering system responds to such driver inputs.

Why are Good Steering Wheels important for drivers?

To enhance driving comfort, most vehicles have hydarulic type and electric type power steering. A steering system makes use of engine's power to drive the vane pump that generates the hydraulic pressure. An efficient steering system is all you need for a smoother and safer ride.

A racing steering wheel in your car would allow easy driving, reason being the large diameter compared to the small diameter of a conventional steering wheel.

Our range of Racing Steering Wheels

Spares Box brings to you an extensive range of Momo steering wheels that has been the leader in providing high quality performance steering wheels. Known for superior craftsmanship, highest performance levels and premium safety standards, their range of steering wheels is famous all over the world.

Crafted in Italy with the finest leather, these steering wheels come packed with a long tradition of quality and technological innovation. Ideal for racing and high performance vehicles, Momo's range of racing steering wheels is sure to add to your driving experience.