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About Antennas

Antennas are an essential component of equipment you should have for off-roading or driving in remote areas. With a huge variety of Antennas available on the market, Sparesbox has made it easier for you by only picking the best Antennas from GME to supply to you.

What do Antennas do?

Antennas, also called antennae or car aerials, collect electric power and converts it into radio waves and vice versa, feeding them into a radio or mobile. Using specialised Antennas with high powered UHF radios will enable better communication over larger distances.

Why are Good Antennas Important for Drivers?

Most new cars are fitted with a manufacturer standard radio antenna, which are usually basic external models. Specialised Antennas come in a variety of options, meaning drivers can get the best Antenna suited to their driving needs. Premium Antennas provide drivers with superior signal and sound quality and have a longer life than their manufactured standard counterparts.

High quality Antennas are especially important for 4x4 drivers, drivers who enjoy off-road driving and drivers in isolated or remote areas. They provide an increased range of signal for radio communications. Regardless of how sensitive your receiver is, without a quality Antenna your ability to receive and broadcast using a radio will be severely limited. Get incredible performance with top quality Antennas that are durable and resilient to adverse weather conditions without sacrificing on quality.

Having appropriate mounting hardware is vital when replacing an existing Antenna or adding another Antenna. Keep your new Antenna firmly in place with the best quality brackets, bases and mounting hardware.

Our range of Antennas

Sparesbox is proud to be associated with one of the top brands for world-class radio communication equipment, GME. Providing you a huge range and variety of Antennas to suit a large number of functionalities and driver needs.

Our range includes, Antenna mounting hardware, brackets, detachable Antenna Whips, Phone Antennas, AM/FM Antennas, UHF Antennas, Antenna Bases and Kits and Swivel Antennas.

When shopping for Antennas, be sure to have a look through the rest of our Radio and Communication range, which will make your car fully equipped for any 4x4 and off-road situation.