Marine Radios
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About Marine Radios

Marine Radios are an important part of marine safety equipment. A powerful tool for everything from boat to boat communication to emergency calls. Sparesbox carries a range of Marine Radios from one of the most trusted names in radio communications, GME.

What Are Marine Radios?

Marine Radios, are Radios manufactured specifically for marine use. Any vessel travelling further than 5 miles from a main shoreline is required to carry a marine band radio. Operating on a very high frequency range with 88 channels, VHF Marine Radios enable people on board to communicate for a large variety of purposes. It is important to be aware of any rules and regulations surrounding radio channel use etc. when using Marine Radios as Marine Radios are important source of communication in emergencies, and emergency channels should be only be used in emergencies.

Why Are Quality Marine Radios Important?

As stated above, Marine Radios are one of the most essential safety tools to have fitted on board any vessel. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to be able to contact other boats, emergency services, receive navigational warnings and current and forecast weather updates. This is why it is important to have a high quality Marine Radio to guarantee easy yet powerful communication across large distances out on the water.

This radio line of communication is paramount to safe boating and can save lives, as most mobile phones are rendered useless in certain areas and certain distances from shore. Unlike a mobile phone call, a radio call is broadcast and means any nearby vessels tuned into the frequency can provide a quicker response than those at shore. A good quality Marine Radio is also easier to locate using direction finding equipment, enabling a safer rescue in the case of emergency.

Tough and able to withstand some of the harshest environments, top quality Marine radios will last longer and provide better communication for longer.

Our Range Of Marine Radios

Sparesbox have a great range of Marine Radios including, VHF Radios, CB Radios and Handheld VHF Radios. With easy to read, large backlit LCD and high quality signals these Marine Radios are versatile marine communication tools.

These VHF Marine Radios are designed and manufactured to use a specifically international frequency, meaning users anywhere in the world have common frequencies for the easiest communication.

All from world-class, privately owned Australian radio communications company, GME, you’ll only be getting the best in Marine Radios.