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1 - 16 of 16
GME Water Resistant Extension Speaker 8 Ohm
GME Flush Mount 10" Subwoofer 420W White
GME Marine Box Speaker Pair 80W White
GME Marine Speaker Pair 6x9" 170W White
GME LCD Microphone With SoundPath Speaker
GME S5 Flush Mount Speaker Pair 163mm 110W
GME S-4 Marine Box Speaker Pair White 80W
GME S-3 Marine Box Speaker Pair White 80W

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About Microphones & Speakers

Microphones and Speakers are some of the essentials that will keep you prepared when out on the road, especially in remote or isolated areas.

Sparesbox carries a line of Microphones and Speakers from world-class radio communication equipment brand, GME.

What do Microphones and Speakers do?

Microphones convert sound energy into electricity and information, enabling us to send our voices and sound to other places. Speakers do the reverse of microphones converting electricity and information into sound energy so we can hear voice and sound from other places. This enables communication over long distances for people travelling in out of the way places with no mobile phone connection.

What are the benefits of High Quality Microphones and Speakers?

Upgrading your radios microphone to a better quality one will enable more control over scanning channel adjustability and volume. Upgraded microphones and speakers and microphone speakers have clearer sound, which help make communications clearer.

Extension speakers also mean that you don’t have to have to rely on a microphone speaker to hear incoming broadcasts. This makes it easer to hear incoming broadcasts, which can be difficult to hear while driving.

All in all upgrading your microphone, speakers and microphone speakers make for easier, better and durable communication out on the road, which is only going to make your trip a happier one.

Our Range of Microphones and Speakers

GME is the ultimate brand in providing top of the line, world-class radio communication equipment and that’s why Sparesbox have teamed up with GME to provide you with the best Microphone and Speaker equipment.

Some GME microphones come with a SoundPath speaker, providing the clearest audio from a microphone speaker. Other multifunction microphones also include LCD screens to further enhance you’re your ability to change channels easily.

Sparesbox have a range of water resistant and non water resistant Extension Speakers, Wake Board Speakers, LCD Microphone Speakers, LCD Microphones and Replacement Microphones.

Be sure to also have a look at our range of UHF Radios to complete your radio communication equipment.