About Shock Absorbers & Coilovers

Getting the right shock absorbers and coilovers is the most effective way to improve the handling charecteristics of your vehicle. Whether you're on the track, the road or the trail, getting the right shock absorbers or coilovers is one of the biggest steps you can take to achieving a handling and a ride experience that's tailored to your needs.

Choosing the right Shock Absorbers & Coilovers for your vehicle can be difficult, the options are extensive and dissecting the subtle differences can be difficult. Sparesbox has sorted through the clutter to make finding the right components easy with a selection of Coilovers, Dust Covers and Shock Absorbers from some of the most trusted brands in suspension including Bilstein, KYB, MCA Suspension, Monroe, RAW 4x4, Sachs, SuperPro and TEIN.  

What's the Difference between Shock Absorbers and Coilovers?

The key difference between shock absorbers and coilover kits is how they function as part of your entire suspension system. Whereas shock absorbers are independent dampers which work in conjunction with a seperate spring to soften the bumps in the road and keep your car stable, coilovers combine the shocks, struts and springs into a single cohesive unit.

Coilovers include coil springs installed over the top of special, high performance steering dampers which offer much more in terms of responsiveness and roll reduction. Another key difference between shock absorbers and coilovers lies within the ride height: whereas shock absorbers come in a range of lowered, standard or raised heights, coilovers almost exclusively lower your vehicle's ride height in the name of handling.

What Are the Benefits of Shocks and Coilovers?

Favoured by the vast majority of passenger cars, shock absorbers are the most popular choice for most drivers. With the widest range of choices available, shock absorbers are more cost effective, replaceable and comfortable to drive on, as they operate independently from the rest of your suspension. Shock absorbers can also be replaced with raised or lowered alternatives, and a range of sporting, 4x4 and heavy duty shock absorbers are also available to suit different vehicles and driving styles

On the other hand, by bringing everything into one package, coilovers offer a far more performance-oriented, adjustable suspension set up. Coilovers can be adjustable across a number of different variables, including damping force, ride height and ride comfort, something which shock absorbers don't directly offer. This makes coilovers great for use in performance cars that require frequent steering and handling adjustments, as they can be adjusted either manually or electronically from the cabin of your vehicle.

Our Range of Shock Absorbers and Coilovers

Sparesbox carries an extensive range of shock absorbers, ranging from heavy duty and 4x4 options, through OE standard replacement shocks, to sporty steering dampers that are just one step away from being coilovers themselves. For the absolute best suspension upgrade, check out our range of TEIN Coilovers which are engineered by the world's leading suspension experts for unrivalled performance, control and adjustability.