About Coilovers

Spares Box's range of TEIN coilovers and MCA coilover kits are designed to provide real-world ride quality with performance enhancements that you can take to the track.

How Do Coilovers Work?

Pretty much every racing enthusiast knows about the way in which a lowered stance can help enhance the handling of your vehicle. By providing a lower centre of gravity for your vehicle as well as a shorter suspension travel, lowered suspension is great at reducing body roll, enhancing your vehicle's responsiveness under steering, improving road feel and simply helping your vehicle look great. While many use lowered springs to do such a thing, for a true handling upgrade you can't go past a set of coilovers, which replace the springs and struts of your vehicle with an all-in-one, high performance package.

Coilover kits aren't simply one dimensional, however, and we offer a good range of coilover kits that varies in ride height, travel and performance levels. This allows you to take more control over the kind of ride you're getting, depending on whether you want to focus more on on-road comfort or track-oriented responsiveness and performance.

What Makes Coilovers Better than Lowered Shocks and Springs?

The main benefit of coilovers is the level of customisation they offer over independent shocks and springs in a lowered suspension set up. While lowered springs and shocks are available, once installed they're generally not able to be adjusted to suit your needs when it comes to spring rate, damping force or ride comfort. By bringing everything into one cohesive unit, coilovers can be adjusted and finely tuned (sometimes electronically from the cabin of your car) to meet your precise needs. In turn, this offers adjustable handling that can suit both the street and the circuit with the turn of a wrench.

Our Range of TEIN Coilovers and MCA Coilover Kits

To truly revolutionise the way you thought your vehicle could handle, you can't go further than either a TEIN or a MCA coilover kit. Completely overhauling the springs and dampers of your vehicle, TEIN Coilovers and MCA Coilovers replace your independent suspension parts with an all-in-one, high pressure, high performance component which deals with absorbing shocks in the road and provides incredibly responsive, customisable handling in a single package.

Designed to be used with the Australian car park, we've made sure to include both MCA and TEIN's range of products that caters for some of the most commonly modified vehicles down under, including the Holden Commodore. We've also made sure to offer the range most suited to both on-track and road driving, which offers a great balance between comfort, value and performance for the everyday enthusiast.