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About Dust Covers

You may have seen them on the suspension of your childhood bike, but not many people realise the importance of good dust covers on a car's suspension system. An investment in one of these kits can have amazing effects on the longevity and durability of your vehicle's shock absorbers, meaning you save money as the kilometres roll by.

How Dust Covers Work

Put simply, you don't want to get dirt or dust in the joints and bellows of your suspension set up, as these can cause unnecessary friction, abrasion and long-lasting damage to the more delicate areas and pistons of your shock absorbers. Unfortunately, the nature of driving means that a lot of dust, dirt, salt and grime can be naturally kicked up into the internals of your vehicle when you're driving every day. These dust covers help to keep these contaminants out of the vital internals of your shocks.

Our Range of Dust Covers

Our range of dust covers from both SACHS and Superpro fit snugly over your dampers to help keep your suspension it's cleanest and performing at it's maximum every day. Keeping your suspension system clean will keep it's overheating and damage potential to the absolute minimum, ensuring that you can be confident that your suspension and shocks will enjoy long, healthy lives of reliable performance.

These dust covers have to be built tough as well, made out of high quality rubber and able to provide an effective seal under the differing conditions of heat, wet weather, stress, uneven conditions and constant motion. This means that investing in high quality dust covers such as those made by SACHS and SuperPro will prove a worthy choice in the long run. SACHS and Superpro Dust Covers often form a crucial part of suspension service kits, normally paired with bump stops to provide an all-round suspension protection system to reduce the stress and strain on both you and your vehicle every day.