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About Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs

As one of the most commonly replaced parts in your car as part of any service, choosing the right spark plugs and glow plugs is vital to make sure your vehicle's engine is functioning as powerfully, efficiently and cleanly as possible.

How Your Ignition Works

Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs essentially play two roles in your car. First of all and most importantly, the plugs chief job is getting your vehicle started in the first place by providing the initial combustion that get your engine turning. In the case of a petrol engine, your spark plugs also provide the spark associated with igniting the fuel/air mixture in your engine's cylinders. Obviously, this is vital to keep you moving.

In order to provide this spark, your ignition system runs from your battery all the way through to your combustion chamber, carrying the charge each step of the way. The current is eventually fed into your distributor, which distributes the charge to each individual spark plug as the cam inside rotates. As the cam hits the point of contact for each individual spark plug, the charge is sent down the ignition leads which connect the spark plug to the distributor, causing them to fire.

The ignition system is slightly different in a diesel powered car, as they don't require the use of spark plugs to make the engine fire (it relies on compression instead), for this reason, diesel ignition systems use glow plugs that heats up and provides the first combustion of the diesel fuel, getting it turning and compressing by itself.

Why Reliable Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs Are Important for Australian Drivers

Australia is a country of not only long, open roads, but also rugged terrain and tight suburban driving. This makes having plugs that can function well in all 3 conditions incredibly important for a lot of Aussie drivers. Cheap spark plugs and glow plugs should be avoided, and plugs should be sourced at at least an OE level of quality, and doing so by investing in one of our premium brands will ensure the perfect balance of reliability and performance.

Our Range of Spark Plugs and Ignition parts has been sourced to suit all of the most common cars you'll find on Australian roads, including all the most popular models like the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Toyota Camry and Mitsubishi Triton.

Our Spark Plug and Glow Plug Range

Sparesbox carries a huge range of spark plugs from two of the world's leading brands: NGK and Bosch Automotive. These spark plugs vary in price and use, from standard OE Parts replacement spark plugs for the every day service, to advanced laser platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs for use in premium cars and motorsport.

Catering for diesel vehicles, Sparesbox also carries a huge range of glow plugs and glow plug accessories to keep every diesel engine firing to full effect. All of these parts are stocked from world-leading ignition specialists, including NGK, Hella, Bosch and Fuelmiser.