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About Glow Plugs

Getting your diesel car started would be impossible without the trusty glow plug. These tiny little heaters provide that invaluable extra heat to get a diesel engine firing and turning when you first turn the key. Incredibly important on cold mornings and just about every other time you want to start your car, reliable diesel glow plugs are imperative in every diesel.

How do Glow Plugs Work?

Glow plugs really are essentially small heaters. Diesel engines only use compression to turn under their own power, but this is obviously impossible to achieve when the car is turned off. As a result, in order for the diesel to combust for the first time and start turning the engine, something needs to heat it up. This is particularly important on cold mornings, where diesel fuel becomes thicker and many diesel engines are prone to more difficult start ups.

To do this, the glow plug is placed at the top of a diesel engine's cylinder (or in the manifold in older engines), and heat up for a few seconds before the engine begins to start. As the first diesel vapours are introduced into the combustion chamber, the glow plug compensates for the lack of compressed, heated air and uses its own heat to combust the vapours. This normally goes on for a few revolutions of the engine, until the engine is up working under it's own power.

How Can Good Glow Plugs Benefit Australian Drivers?

As you can see, diesel glow plugs have a pretty important role in getting your diesel engine started efficiently, and with almost 4 million registered diesel vehicles in Australia, reliable glow plugs are vital in getting millions of people on the road everyday.

For such simple things, a good deal of technological advancement has gone into making reliable, long-lasting glow plugs, and investing in them will prove a wise choice to keep your running costs down, your service costs as low as possible and your engine efficiency up.

Our range of Glow Plugs

Spares Box has gone to two of the world's leaders in ignition systems and glow plug technology in order to source its glow plugs. NGK Glow Plugs and Bosch Glow Plugs are both guaranteed to provide true OE quality, ensuring reliable start up in all conditions. Between these two and our extensive range from AFI, we stock one of Australia's leading ranges of glow plugs, all of which are engineered for the absolute best in reliability, cold-start performance and durability.