About Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are what provide the small charge to ignite the air/fuel mixture in your engine. They're relatively cheap to replace, but you want the best quality always to make sure all of your cylinders are firing as they should be. A wide range of spark plugs can be available for every vehicle, from basic spark plugs for your everyday service or replacement, to incredibly advanced platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs for use in the world's highest performing cars.

How do Spark Plugs Work?

Spark plugs form the final flash point of your ignition system, located at the top of every cylinder to ignite the fuel/air mixture inside at a timed interval and cause combustion. The plugs attach to your vehicle's ignition coil and distributor, both of which work to share the electrical charge generated by your battery evenly to your cylidners.

Spark plugs are formed up of 3 main parts: the terminal, which connects the top of the spark plug to the rest of the ignition; the insulator, generally made out of a ceramic material to insulate the current travelling through it; and the electrode, which is where the spark plug is grounded and in turn, generates the spark going into the combustion chamber. As the years have gone on, the materials that form these electrodes have gotten increasingly more advanced. While many standard spark plugs still make use nickel or copper, high performance spark plugs use noble metals such as iridium, platinum or tungsten.

How can Good Spark Plugs Benefit Australian Drivers?

Dealing with thousands of kilometres worth of driving can be a messy job for a spark plug. As they fire hundreds of times a minute to ignite air and fuel, the electrodes and conductor points on a spark plug can become dirty over time, reducing it's ability to efficiently generate a spark. Good spark plugs are built from better materials to combat this, ensuring that you get a consistent detonation that is neither too light or too heavy. This means that you can be sure your spark plugs will last and perform reliably between service intervals, saving you time, money and improving fuel efficiency.

As we mentioned before, spark plug technology has developed to utilising space-age materials in the construction of premium and motorsport-oriented spark plugs. Through the use of these advanced materials, platinum and iridium spark plugs have a much higher melting point, more durability and a better capacity to conduct electricity, in turn increasing your spark plug life and performance.

Our Spark Plug Range

Sparesbox carries a massive range of spark plugs from some of the world's leading brands. We carry a wide variety of NGK Spark Plugs and ignition parts for both motorsport and OEM purposes, guaranteeing quality and precise engineering with every plug. As well as this, we're proud to stock spark plugs from BOSCH Automotive Spark Plugs, which feature the finest in german engineering for use in premium european vehicles.

Being at the forefront of the market, we've made sure to include all the most advanced spark plugs on the market in our offering which includes Genuine OE Parts, NGK iridium IX spark plugs, laser platinum spark plugs and everything in between.