Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre Cloth AUAIM
Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator 2 Pack AUAPPAPP
Autoglym Hi-Tech Aqua Dry Chamois Synthetic Leather AUAADC
Autoglym Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel AUAHTMDT
Meguiars Chamois Synthetic PVA Soft Buff Large CHLGC
Meguiars Microfibre Car Wash Sponge Deep Pile AG1020
Meguiars Glass Polish & Cleaning Cloth No Smear AG3032
Meguiars Chamois Microwipe Super Glide AG6000
Meguiars Microfibre Towels Supreme Shine AX2015
Meguiars Cutting Pad Double Sided Wool W5000
Meguiars Chamois Microwipe Super Glide Large AG6300
Meguiars Applicator Pads 2 Pack 12.5cm 5in X3080EU
Meguiars Car Wash Mitt Lambswool w/ Bug Remover AG1015
Meguiars Chamois Synthetic PVA Soft Buff Small CHSMC
Meguiars Terry Towel Polishing Cloths 100% Cotton EPTOW
Meguiars Microfibre Finishing Cloth Supreme Shine X2010
Microfibre Towel MLH Multi Purpose 12 Pack 64MLH804
Microfibre Glass Towel MLH Super Clean 64MLH500
Microfibre Towel Professional Detailing MLH Twin Pack 64MLH806
Microfibre Towel MLH Professional Multi Purpose 10 Pack 64MLH802
MLH Perfect Finish Microfibre Polishing Pack 64MLH901
Microfibre Super Absorber MLH Professional Size 64MLH210

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About Sponges & Detailing Cloths

One of the chief parts to getting a great clean and finish on your car is the use of proper applicators, cloths & sponges. While sponges, cloths and chamois all seem like simple things at face value, the material these pieces of equipment are made of can make all the difference in restoring the perfect finish to your car.

Sparesbox stocks a complete range of Sponge and Detailing Cloths including Applicator Pads, Cloths & Dusters, Chamois & Drying Towels, Polishing Cloths & Terry Towels and Wash Mitts & Car Sponges from some of the leading names in car care including Autoglym Car Care, Merguiars Car Care and MLH Car Detailing

Why the Right Sponges, Cloths & Pads are Important

Choosing the right tools to go with your car care products is important in making sure your vehicle surfaces aren't just cleaned properly, but protected as well. Certain cloths and pads, such as polishing applicator pads and cutting pads, are made out of firmer, harsher materials that help them assist your polish and compound in removing scratches and contaminants from your paintwork. Finishing cloths and drying towels however, are more gentle, helping you to avoid inadvertantly scratching your paint while picking up as much dirt, dust and water as possible.

Using the right pads and cloths at the right time, particularly those made from softer, more effective materials, will minimise paint damage while maximising the effectiveness of your car wash, polish, wax and just about everything inbetween.

Our Range of Sponges & Detailing Cloths

Sparesbox stocks a premium range of Applicator Pads, Cloths & Dusters, Chamois & Drying Towels, Polishing Cloths & Terry Towels, and Wash Mitts & Car Sponges from leading brands including; MLH, Meguiars and Autoglym

The days of the bog standard sponge are over, and upper-class solutions that are better at cleaning and gentle on your paint are readily available, such as Meguiars Microfibre Car Wash Pad. For the perfect drying performance, ditch the classic leather chamois and invest in a synthetic drying towel that provides improved absorption with a streak-free finish Autoglym and Meguiar's both provide great solutions, such as the Autoglym Hi-Tech Aqua Dry Chamois and Autoglym Microfibre Drying Towels and the Meguiar's Microwipe Super Chamois.

Polishing cloths and finishing cloths are specially designed to ensure that you're getting the best shine and an even application of car care products that simply makes your life a lot easier. Microfibre and Cotton Cloths like Autoglym's Perfect Polishing Cloth, and Meguiar's Microwipe and Supreme Shine Microfibre Polishing Cloths all work effectively to provide a perfect finish that's free of lint. These materials are also soft enough to be gentle on your paint and absorbant enough to effectively wipe up any excess polish and wax.

Finally, power-packed solutions from Meguiars are available to provide a professional finish from rotary machines and professional polishing power machines. Meguiar's DA Power System includes a vast range of applicator pads, finishing discs, polishing discs and cutting discs, as well as backing plates for their incredibly successful DA Power Polisher.