About Applicator Pads, Cloths & Dusters

It's here that you'll find all of the pads, multi purpose cloths, dusters and brushes you need to detail the finer parts of your vehicle. From the interior to the wheels, the glass to the paint, there's something in here to properly care for any surface.

Why Good Applicator Pads, Cloths & Dusters are Important

Your paint aside, your vehicle is made from a massive range of interior and exterior materials that require proper care to look their best. While detailers, polishes and car shampoo does it's bit, using the right cloths, pads and sponges to apply these products is also vital in making sure you're not compromising the finish or protection that these products can provide.

Proper applicator pads are vital for making sure you're getting the most even coverage from your polish and wax, and it's ideal that these are made from either soft foam or microfibre to ensure they're gentle on your bodywork. In a similar vein, multi purpose towels, dusters and glass cloths are always handy to have across your vehicle, allowing you to quickly mop up excess dust, dirt and grime from delicate surfaces with no hassle.

For reaching the tighter areas of your vehicle like the rims or the engine bay, any detailing enthusiast worth his salt will always have a brush in the kit bag, which helps to shift stubborn dirt, grime, grease and brake dust from metal surfaces.

Our Range of Applicator Pads, Cloths & Dusters

Sparesbox carries all of these products, all of which are produced by either Autoglym, Meguiars or MLH. As the world leaders in car care products, you can be sure that whether you're investing in a cheap set of towels or a high tech duster or wheel brush, every product here is made from the most effective and efficient materials available.