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About Chamois & Drying Towels

Every thorough car wash needs a good drying to maximise its effectiveness. Helping to pick up excess dirt, dust and water without leaving lint in their wake, our range of Chamois and drying towels will leave a streak free shine for you to build on with wax or polish as you desire.

How Chamois & Drying Towels Work

The humble Chamois has long been a staple in the kit of any car detailing enthusiast, once primarily made of leather, chamois can now also be made from synthetic and microfibre materials, and are used as absorbent cloths to dry your vehicle's exterior after a wash. The beauty of chamois is that the more they're used, the more absorbent they become, with the trade off being that it often requires 2 or 3 passes with a chamois to get one area properly dry.

Drying towels and water blades are quickly becoming a popular alternative to chamois, particularly as technology advances in the production of softer, gentler more absorbent materials. Similar to the towels we use everyday, these towels are super absorbent, incredibly soft and effective at picking up any leftover dust and water while avoiding scratches.

Our Range of Chamois & Drying Towels

Sparesbox carries a great range of drying towels, and of course chamois to suit the needs of just about every car detailer on the road. Products like the Autoglym Hi Tech Aqua Dry synthetic chamois and Meguiars Microwipe chamois present great alternatives to the traditional leather chamois, while our outstanding range of Meguiars, MLH and Autoglym drying towels are perfect for quick drying jobs or wiping down your mirrors and glass on a cold morning.

Sparesbox is also one of the first to carry Autoglym's class leading High Tech Water Blade, a tool which has revolutionised the way people dry their cars and done away with the need for chamois completely. These water blades skim effortlessly across the surface of your vehicle to sweep off water and leave a perfect, streak-free finish in their wake.

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