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About Polishing Cloths & Terry Towels

No matter how much you spend on polish, you need the right cloths and towels to get the most out of it. Our range of polishing cloths, polishing towels and terry towels will revolutionise what you thought you could do with an old t-shirt, and bring your vehicle's finish to a whole new level.

Why Polishing Cloths & Terry Towels are So Effective

Helping to provide an even application of polish, be gentle on your paintwork and ensure a rich, deep shine, polishing cloths also help to mop up excess polish and leave the flawless finish you'd expect your polish to provide. Polishing cloths are nowadays either made of soft microfibre or soft, high quality cotton, while the classic cotton terry towel is also a popular choice amongst long time detailing enthusiasts.

These polishing cloths often have thick toweled constructions, which help to evenly apply and buff off polish so you can make the most of every square inch of your vehicle's surface.

Polishing cloths are the ideal product for applying just about every gel, dressing, polish and cream across your vehicle, as they're gentle and effective enough to not only handle car paint, but also glass, metal, trim and plastic too. Their tough, durable construction also means that you can wash and re use them for years to come.

Our Range of Polishing Cloths & Terry Towels

Sparesbox has a great range of polishing cloths and terry towels, all designed and engineered to work as effectively as possible with all manner of polishes, cutting compounds and quick detailing sprays in the pursuit of the perfect finish. These polishing cloths and towels are manufactured by some of the world's leading car care companies, including Autoglym, Meguiars and MLH, and are made from the most advanced materials to ensure that your paint is getting the ultimate in care and protection while you polish.