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About Wash Mitts & Car Sponges

Helping to form luxurious suds, cut through dirt and grime and make the most of your chosen car wash or car shampoo, a good car sponge or car wash mitt is a vital tool in the kit of any detailer.

Why Good Wash Mitts & Car Sponges are Important

Good wash mitts and car wash sponges have gone far beyond the realm of what they were a couple of decades ago. Once made of rough foam materials that caused fine scratches and swirling as they cleaned your car, research into new, absorbent and (most importantly) gentle materials have led to the development of a great range of microfibre car wash sponges, car wash pads and car wash mitts.

These revolutionary new car sponges, pads and mitts have been embraced by professional car wash enthusiasts and professional detailers the world over, with these new materials mopping up dirt and dust like never before, while remaining gentle on your vehicle's paintwork and allowing your car wash or car shampoo to work as effectively as possible.

Our Range of Wash Mitts & Car Sponges

Sparesbox has something for everyone in our range of car wash pads and car wash sponges, with classic foam varieties and modern microfibre options both readily available to fill the kit bag of every car detailer. From our simple MLH foam sponges to advanced options like the Meguiars Microfibre and Lambswool Wash pad, all of these products are made of gentle, deep pile materials to help produce the most suds and provide a perfect shine.

Some of these wash pads and sponges are also available in wash mitt varieties, which slip over your hand and make sure you're getting the most control over your car wash. Both Meguiars and MLH are known as leaders in the world of car care, making the materials that are chosen by the world's most expert detailers for use on their most precious automobiles.