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About Power Steering Hoses

As power steering fluid has the tendency to heat up under the pressures and conditions that occur every day in your steering system, these power steering hoses have outstanding temperature resistance to the heat and heated fluid, ensuring that they maintain their integrity and longevity throughout a wide range of conditions.

Who do Power Steering Hoses Do?

Power steering pumps and hoses are responsible for dispersing the hydraulic fluid required to make your power steering work properly. Leaking or damaged power steering hoses can result in significantly reduced handling capabilities or a loss of power steering altogether. Power Steering Fluid, being a hydraulic fluid which also has anti-boil and anti-freezing properties, has a different chemical make up to water and as such needs a certain type of hose and pump to transport it throughout your steering system.

Why are Good Power Steering Hoses Important for Drivers?

Power Steering hoses are constructed with a rubber blend, ensuring maximum burst protection and the ability to cope with the high pressures at which power steering fluid is forced through them. All Mackay Power Steering Hoses are constructed, manufactured and built to fit a huge range of vehicles and power steering systems down to the millimetre. The premium engineering of these components also mean that they either meet or exceed OEM specifications, meaning they're suitable replacements and meet the harsh standards of vehicle manufacturers for use in their factory vehicles.

Our Range of Steering Hoses

You can shop our wide range of quality power steering products from Mackay right here. Spares Box entire range of  Mackay power steering hoses are made out of the highest quality rubber to ensure outstanding resistance to corrosion and the everyday wear and tear that comes with servicing your power steering system on a daily basis.

When replacing your power steering hoses, be sure to flush your power steering fluid and replace it with one of our outstanding fluids from Nulon.