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About Power Steering Pumps

Ensuring you have the best quality in your power steering pumps is where Spares Box comes into the equation. Our range of Power Steering pumps is manufactured by some of the world's most trusted names in automotive electronics and steering to provide reliable steering and handling worthy of OE specifications.

What do Power Steering Pumps Do?

Power steering pumps and hoses are responsible for dispersing the hydraulic fluid required to make your power steering work properly. Pumping the fluid throughout your power steering system efficiently and effectively is of the utmost importance, and power steering pumps need to deal with the characteristics and nature of a hydraulic fluid such as power steering fluid.

Why are Good Power Steering Pumps Important for Drivers?

Steering Pump failure can result in a loss of power steering altogether, or significantly reduced handling capabilities. As a result, investing in a power steering pump that's worthy of OE specifications is vital in maintaining the level of steering and handling that your vehicle's manufacturer intended it to be capable of.

Our Range of Power Steering Pumps

Spares Box offers a great range of power steering pumps to effectively transport power steering fluid throughout your system without corroding or wearing, while we also offer Power Steering Hoses and Power Steering Fluid from Nulon, premium manufactured to deliver outstanding handling and deal with the forces, pressures and temperatures that come with steering your vehicle in all conditions.

When upgrading areas of your steering system, be sure to check out our range of Suspension components and parts to ensure every part of your vehicle's handling is optimised to perform at it's very best. We also stock an outstanding range of steering bushings from SuperPro to ensure that every arm and joint of your steering system is adequately protected.