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About Rack Boots

Ensuring your steering rack boot is always working properly and replacing it if needed is one of the easiest ways of keeping your steering as reliable and healthy as possible, as an incursion of dirt, water, or contaminants can cause unnecessary abrasion and damage to your steering set up.

What do Steering Rack Boots Do?

Steering rack boots help to repel any dust and moisture that could potentially get into your steering system. Being situated outside the cabin of your vehicle, steering rack boots are exposed to a combination of the harsh elements that come with every day driving, along with the constant motion placed upon it every day as you steer your vehicle.

Why Are Good Steering Rack Boots Important for Drivers?

Steering rack boots have to be flexible enough to deal with the twisting forces that occur as part of being located around your vehicle's steering rack, meaning that the majority of steering rack boots are generally made of a tough rubber material. This rubber, however heavy-duty it may be, has the potential to perish over long periods of time exposed to varying conditions, and rack boot replacements are one of the most common bits of maintenance done to your steering system during your every day service.

Our Range of Steering Rack Boots

Spares Box is pleased to offer an extensive range of value-oriented NAK steering rack boots, all of which are made to high standards of finish, materials and engineering quality. A NAK steering rack boot will last the distance and perform at a great budget-oriented price point, meaning that they will make a no-nonsense, no-frills replacement for one of the most under appreciated components of your steering. You can shop a great range of NAK value rack boots right here. All of our NAK steering rack boots are custom manufactured by vehicle to specifically fit a huge range of different cars, regardless of make, model or year. Be sure to filter by your vehicle above to find the rack boot that's perfect for your vehicle.