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About Steering Arms

What do Steering Arms Do?

Pitman Arms & Idler Arms link your steering linkage to your vehicle's frame or subframe, providing a pivoting support for your steering system. This system of two seperate arms joins together to add extra stability to your steering. The idler arm bolts to the subframe of the vehicle, supporting the centre link on the passenger side of the vehicle at the other end. The Pitman arm attaches to this central linkage and acts as a pivot, turning the twisting angular motion created by you turning the steering wheel into the linear force required to physically turn the wheels.

Why are Steering Arms Important for Drivers?

Naturally, having to constantly deal with the forces created under steering on an everyday basis results in both pitman arms and idler arms having higher rates of wear than other parts of your vehicle. Having well made pitman arms and idler arms can help keep your handling safe and responsive, while ensuring that your entire steering linkage is well supported from the steering wheel to the very limits of your tyres. This means investing in a trusted brand, and Spares Box's range of pitman arms and idler arms are engineered in Australia by Mackay, one of Australia's leaders in suspension components, mounts and arms.

Our Range of Steering Arms

All Mackay Pitman & Idler Arms are crafted from the best materials for the best handling and lasting reliability. You can be sure that every Mackay Pitman Arm and Idler arm will fit your vehicle perfectly, with a 100% fitment guarantee from Spares Box. When upgrading your pitman and idler arms, be sure to check out the suitable steering and suspension components and bushes to ensure that your handling system is set up to be as safe and secure as possible. Spares Box offers a great range of steering pushes, pitman arm bushes and suspension bush kits from SuperPro, all of which can help reduce the abrasion and stress placed on the arms and joints that make up your steering and suspension systems.