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About Strut Braces & Strut Mounts

Strut Braces and Strut Mounts play a significant role in the way that your car feels and handles on the road. Sparesbox stocks a range of Strut Braces, Strut Bushes and Strut Mounts & Strut Tops that can drastically improve the ride-quality and handling characteristics of your vehicle from some of the most respected brands in suspension including Mackay, Sachs, SuperPro and Whiteline

What do Strut Braces and Strut Mounts Do?

Australia’s poor road conditions means that local vehicles are subject to greater stress than our European and American counterparts which can lead to premature wearing of critical suspension components.

Sparesbox is pleased to stock an extensive range of Strut Braces and Strut Mounts that have been carefully selected to improve your vehicles handling for greater performance and improved ride-quality. Strut Braces are a cost effective method of improving your vehicles torsional rigidity and reducing body-roll. While Strut Mounts form the connecting point between your vehicles suspension and chassis and provide your vehicle with insulation from tyre vibration and road noise.

Why Are Good Strut Braces and Strut Mounts Important for Drivers?

When your vehicle turns corners at high speeds, the chassis your vehicle has the potential to twist and contort, causing unnecessary stress to the vehicle, higher amounts of body roll and reduced handling performance through decreased tyre-to-road contact. Strut braces attach to the strut tops and form a bridge between the two to reduce torsional twisting in the chassis and improve the ride quality of your vehicle for you and your passengers.

Strut Mounts and Strut Tops provide an important insulation between your vehicles suspension and chassis. High quality Strut Mounts and Strut Tops work to reduce the road noise that is transmitted from the suspension and chassis into the cabin to improve the ride quality in your vehicle.

Our Range of Strut Braces & Strut Mounts

Sparesbox stocks a complete range of Strut Braces and Strut Mounts from a range of Australian and International manufacturers that have been designed to improve the ride quality and handling characteristics in a wide range of vehicle applications. We have teamed up with suspension market leaders MackaySachsSuperPro and Whiteline to make finding the right suspension component for your vehicle easier than ever.