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About Strut Braces

Strut Braces are a surprisingly simple and cost effective way to improve the rigidity of your vehicle. Spares Box is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Whiteline Strut Braces suitable for fitment on a wide range of vehicles.

What Do Strut Braces Do?

Much like sway bars, which attach across the chassis at the bottom of the vehicle, strut braces go over the top and on performance cars are often the first point of contact with the chassis below the vehicle's bonnet, looking like a bridge that goes over the top of the engine.

Why Are Good Strut Braces Important for Drivers?

When your vehicle turns corners at high speeds, the chassis your vehicle has the potential to twist and contort, causing unnecessary stress to the vehicle, higher amounts of body roll and reduced handling performance through increased body roll decreased tyre-to-road contact. Strut braces attach to the strut tops and form a bridge between the two to reduce torsional twisting in the chassis to improve the ride quality of your vehicle for you and your passengers.

In order to provide this rigidity and put up with the stresses and strains that come with high performance driving, strut bars are manufactured using the strongest and lightest materials available, often made of high tech alloys and hollowed out to save weight without sacrificing performance. They also require high-tech bushings, mounts and brackets that join the strut bars to the chassis and provide the abrasion, heat and stress resistance to let the strut bars do their job as effectively as possible.

Our Range of Strut Braces

Whether you’re after optimal driving performance or an improved ride, our range of Strut Braces from Whiteline has you covered. Every Whiteline sway bar has been manufcatured with the highest grade Australian steel which adds incredible rigidity to your vehicle, enhancing it's grip and handling in a way that's still unrivalled.