Strut Bushes
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About Strut Bushes

When it comes to your vehicles suspension, it is often the smallest parts that provide the greatest functional benefit. Our range of strut bushes is designed to cover every area of the strut tower, from the strut rods to the strut tops and strut mounts. 

What Do Strut Bushes Do?

Strut Bushes provide a vital shock-absorbing surface between the suspension strut and the strut mount. One of the easiest methods of determining the wear of your Strut Bushes is to listen to your vehicle as it travels over speed humps or up/down driveways, vehicles with worn bushings will typically creak or crash over bumps. Worn Strut Bushes are not only annoying for you and your passengers, they can also cause damage to other elements of your suspension system, steering binding or throw out wheel alignment.

Why Are Good Strut Bushes Important for Drivers?

Strut Bushes may seem like a small piece of the suspension puzzle, however they are one of the most important elements in your suspension system to ensure a quiet and comfortable ride on Australia’s worn and uneven road surfaces. Your vehicles suspension is topped off at all corners above the wheels with strut mounts. Strut bushes provide contact area between the suspensions struts and the mounts to dampen the impact felt through your suspension when travelling over uneven surfaces

Our Range of Strut Bushes

Spares Box offers an extensive range of Strut Bushes from a number of Australian and International manufacturers that are guaranteed to improve the feel and ride quality of your vehicle. If your vehicle is starting to creak over speed humps or isn’t riding like it used to over uneven surfaces, then our range of Strut Bushes from SuperPro, Whiteline and Mackay are an ideal solution that will improve the ride quality in your vehicle and save you from costly suspension repair bills in the long run.