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About Strut Mounts & Strut Tops

The Strut Mount is designed to provide an insulting material between the suspension and the chassis. If your vehicle is crashing over bumps, speed humps and potholes, then chances are you’re in need of new Strut Mounts & Strut Tops to reinvigorate your suspension and repair the compromised ride comfort in your vehicle.

What Do Strut Mounts & Strut Tops Do?

The Strut Mount or Strut Top in your vehicle is an important mounting point between the top of the strut assembly and your vehicles chassis. The positioning of the Strut Mount is dependent on the drivetrain in your vehicle. Vehicles that use four-wheel-independent suspension will have four strut mounts, whereas vehicles with front suspension will only have two strut mounts. Strut Mounts have been designed to insulate your vehicle from tire noise and vibration. Needless to say, worn Strut Mounts will significantly enhance road noise and compromise the ride quality in your vehicle.

Why are Strut Mounts & Strut Tops Important for Drivers?

Strut Mounts and Strut Tops work to improve the ride quality and reduce the vibration in your vehicle. Australia’s poor road conditions mean that Strut Mounts and Strut Tops in local vehicles are constantly working to reduce cabin noise and vibration. This means that Strut Mounts and Strut Tops in Australian vehicles are subject to premature wearing and need to be replaced more often than our American and European counterparts who enjoy higher-quality road surfaces.

Our Range of Strut Mounts and Strut Tops

Spares Box stocks a range of Strut Mounts and Strut Tops to improve the ride quality and reduce vibration in your vehicle. Our range of local and international manufacturers include Sachs, Mackay and Whiteline, who offer a range of Strut Mounts and Strut Tops, as well as strut repair kits to suit a wide range of vehicle applications.