About Control Arm Bushes

One of the most punished, heavily stressed areas of your suspension, choosing the absolute best control arm bushes is a matter of guaranteeing premium ride comfort, longevity and the smallest risk of suspension failure in the long run.

What do Control Arm Bushes Do?

Located between the control arm and the frame of your vehicle, Control Arm Bushes work to reduce and dampen the vibration that occurs between your vehicles wheels and the frame. Due to the extreme pressure that they are put under even in normal driving conditions, Control Arm Bushes are often one of the first components of your vehicles suspension system that will fail.

Why are good Control Arm Bushes Important for Drivers?

Control Arm Bushes are an important component of your vehicles suspension system. Control Arm Bushes fit between the control arm and the body of the vehicle and provide a major connecting point between the chassis and the suspension. Depending on the make of your vehicle, most cars will use either one or two control arms per wheel on the front and rear suspension.

High-quality Control Arm Bushes will improve the comfort and handling characteristics of your vehicle. Control Arm Bushes increase the torsional rigidity of your vehicles suspension to provide greater steering feedback to the driver and also reduce suspension vibration to provide a more comfortable and compliant ride for you and your passengers. Control Arm Bushes also help to ensure your vehicle maintains correct tyre position to prevent camber wear, maintain wheel alignment and prevent tyre wear.

Our Range of Control Arm Bushes

Our range of polyurethane and rubber Control Arm Bushes have been carefully selected to provide a premium and cost effective solution suitable for application on a diverse range of vehicles. We have teamed up with leading Australian manufacturer SuperPro to offer an extensive selection of high-quality polyurethane Control Arm Bushes to suit a diverse application of vehicles.