About Control Arms

Broken or damaged control arms can lead to further damage of your vehicles suspension, compromise the predictability and reliability of your steering and throw out the alignment of your wheels which can lead to costly repair bills. Make sure you're getting the best replacements or upgrades with our range of premium control arms.

What do Control Arms Do?

Control arms are responsible for connecting the front suspension to the frame of your vehicle. Control arms play an important role in the way that your car handles in a range of performance and everyday driving applications and can significantly affect the steering feedback that is provided to the driver.

Why are Control Arms Important for Drivers?

Damaged or broken control arms can throw out the alignment of your wheels and compromise the way that your car handles. When the control arm assembly in your vehicle has been damaged, the wheels are no longer working cordially with each other or the suspension in your vehicle.

The function of control arms mean they have to withstand constant impact and shocks while they dampen the vibration that would otherwise go into your chassis and in turn, your cabin. As you could imagine, this is an incredibly important job that requires the control arm to be able to deal with a huge amount of stress, twisting force, heat and abrasion every day.

Often detectable when you hear banging noises over bumps or a loud knock when turning your car on full lock, broken control arms can result in an uncomfortable ride for you and your passengers and inflict lasting damage on other elements of your vehicles suspension.

Our Range of Control Arms

Spares Box is proud to Partner with SuperPro, one of Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality suspension components, to offer a superior range of premium quality control arms suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuring a new “Grip Dynamics” system for improved grip and better handling, SuperPro alloy control arms have been carefully engineered to provide a superior alternative for the heavy and brittle steel OEM control arms found in most vehicles on the road.