About Sway Bar Bushes

While your sway bar is a great thing to upgrade in the pursuit of a poised, balanced suspension set up, having good sway bar bushes is absolutely crucial in ensuring that they're supported well enough to do their job to the maximum.

What are Sway Bar Bushes?

That deafening clunk that you have been hearing when your wheel sinks into a pot hole is the sound of your sway bar bushes not doing their job. Commonly referred to as an anti-vibration mounting or flexible mounting, sway bar bushings are located inside the clamp that attaches the sway bar to your vehicle and allow a degree of flexibility that reduces the bumping noise experienced when a sway bar is temporarily jolted out of position.

Why are Sway Bar Bushes Important for Drivers?

Damaged or broken sway bar bushes are most noticeable when a single wheel is isolated over a bump, sway bar bushes are an inexpensive and simple way to reduce the obtrusive thud experienced on Australia’s pot hole riddled road surfaces. Despite being one of the smallest components in your vehicles suspension, they are also one of the most important. Damaged sway bar bushings can lead to irreparable damage to your vehicles sway bars and other critical suspension components which could lead to costly repair bills in the long run.

Sway bar bushings offer less noise and vibration transmission than their solid connection counterparts and don’t require any lubrication or treatment. In contrast to traditional OEM rubber sway bar bushings, high quality polyurethane sway bushings have greater memory properties, are more durable than rubber and less susceptible to warping and distortion associated with Australia’s extreme climate and poor road surfaces.

Our Range of Sway Bar Bushes

Spares Box has partnered with one of Australia’s leading suppliers of sway bars, sway bar links and control arms, SuperPro, to offer a comprehensive range of of suspension solutions to suit a wide range of applications. Superpro sway bar bushings offer all the shock-absorbing benefits of traditional rubber sway bar bushings without sacrificing longevity.