About Sway Bars

Sway bars are designed to improve the handling of your vehicle by reducing sideways tilt vehicle in high-speed cornering situations, over bumps and on Australia’s less than ideal road surfaces in order maximise tyre-to-road contact for superior handling, steering feedback and safety.

What do Sway Bars Do?

Most commonly referred to as anti-roll bars, sway bars help reduce body roll in your vehicle. Sway bars bolt onto the chassis in a central location across the front and rear axle lines, connecting to each side of the front and rear suspension through end links. While the design may be basic, sway bars help to significantly reduce body roll without compromising the ability of your vehicles suspension to act independently.

Why are Sway Bars Important for Drivers?

Sway bars work to actively reduce body roll in your vehicle in high-speed cornering, over bumps and on uneven road surfaces to maximise tyre-to-road contact for improved steering feel and performance. Naturally, greater tyre-to-road contact means more grip for the driver in performance driving situations for superior performance or simply when negotiating Australia’s less-than-ideal pot hole riddled roads.

Sway bars increase the stiffness of your vehicle to reduce the lateral load transfer when cornering or travelling over bumps. Sway bars can also be used to tune out the understeer or oversteer characteristics of your vehicle in high speed driving situations by altering the roll stiffness.

Our Range of Sway Bars

Our range of SuperPro sway bars is perfectly suited to work with other Superpro handling components, including their polyurethane steering bushings, suspension bushings and control arms. Sparesbox also offers a range of Whiteline sway bars and Whiteline anti roll bars that have been thoughtfully engineered to improve the handling performance of your vehicle.