About Temperature Sensors & Pressure Sensors

Your vehicle is made up of a number of parts that are susceptible to the dual effects of heat and cold, something our range of temperature sensors is perfectly adapted to combat. Sparesbox stocks a range of Cabin Temperature Sensors, Cylinder Temperature Sensors, EGT Sensors, Engine Air Temperature Sensors and Evaporator Temperature Sensors from some of the most trusted names in automotive sensors including AFI, Bosch, Fuelmiser and Hella

How Temperature Sensors Work

Temperature sensors help to monitor whether any of the vital components of your vehicle is either too hot or cold. Allowing your vehicle to fluctuate in temperature by too much can cause long-lasting damage down the track, meaning it's crucial that whether you're dealing with your engine or the interior of your vehicle, everything is running stable.

Your engine uses both intake temperature sensors and exhaust temperature sensors to measure the heat of air and gas flowing in and out of the engine. Many engines also have cylinder temperature sensors too, which help to ensure that your oil and coolant are doing their jobs of keeping your engine cool and protected against heat corrosion.

Helping to keep you cool and comfortable in the cabin, your vehicle's interior temperature sensor and evaporator temperature sensor both service the air conditioning of your vehicle. The evaporator temp sensor measures the temperature at your air conditioner's core, while the interior temperature sensor measures the temperature within the passenger cabin. Both of these help vehicles with automatic climate control adjust their temperature to keep those inside the car most comfortable.

Our Range of Temperature Sensors

Keeping everything at the right temperature will ensure your vehicle is operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible, something you can ensure with our range of premium temperature sensors from AFIBoschFuelmiser and Hella, as well as our value sensors from Tridon and Fuelmiser.

Spares Box carries a huge range of temperature sensors to fit areas all throughout your vehicle, including all the ones mentioned above. Whether you need an exhaust or intake temperature sensor, an evaporator temp sensor or an interior temperature sensor, you're sure to find an OE quality part to fit your needs here.