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About Boost Pressure Sensors

Boost pressure sensors are one of the key parts in any turbocharged engine, and whether you're driving a performance vehicle or a small turbo diesel, it's vital that you keep your boost pressure sensor working properly to optimise your performance and efficiency.

How Boost Pressure Sensors Work

Boost pressure sensors operate together with your vehicle's MAP sensor, which measures the absolute air pressure within the intake manifold of your engine. Turbo charged engines use additional air forced into the intake from the turbo in order to increase power, creating a boost in air pressure and the reading which make boost gauges a common feature in the interior of performance vehicles.

As the air pressure in the intake manifold is boosted above the absolute pressure the MAP sensor is calibrated to read (commonly 100K kPa), the Boost pressure sensor kicks in and begins to take a reading in conjunction with the MAP sensor. As the boost pressure rises, so does the absolute pressure in the manifold, and as one drops, so does the other both fall simultaneously too.

Boost pressure sensors are incredibly important in making sure your vehicle's turbocharger is not only operating in a way that will give you the best performance gain from your engine, but also in a way that won't cause potentially damaging spikes in pressure around your engine. Sudden spikes in air pressure caused by a malfunctioning turbo can cause incredibly expensive damage to the intake manifold of your engine, and on a more minor scale cause a drop in efficiency and performance from your turbocharged engine.

Our Range of Boost Pressure Sensors

Spares Box carries a huge range of boost pressure sensors, manufactured by world leaders in automotive sensor technology. All of our boost pressure sensors are engineered to work and last the distance in the hotter, more extreme conditions presented by working in a turbocharged engine. Manufactured with outstanding build quality that's worthy of the world's most discerning vehicle manufacturers, these sensors will deliver reliable performance for just about any turbo on the road.