Cabin Temperature Sensors

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About Cabin Temperature Sensors

Keeping your car cool and comfortable is the job of the A/C system, but many systems are unable to do this properly without the use of a functioning cabin temperature sensor. Shop through our range of cabin sensors today, and should you need one, you'll be guaranteed mile after mile of comfortable driving.

How Cabin Temperature Sensors Work

Some vehicles have automatic climate control systems to deliver the most comfortable driving experience for everyone in the car. In order to monitor the temperature of the cabin and make adjustments to the air coming out of the air conditioning vents, these systems make use of cabin temperature sensors. Sometimes, these sensors are combined with ambient temperature sensors, which are located at the front of the vehicle and monitor the temperature outside to help your air conditioning be as accurate as possible.

Cabin temperature sensors use small fans to take samples of the air inside your vehicle's cabin. Linked up with the output hose of your AC, the cabin temperature sensor uses a small resistor that increases electrical resistance as the temperature in the cabin rises. This resistor is linked up to the processors and computers within the climate control system, which in turn adjust things like fan speed and air conditioning temperature to meet the needs of the driver and the passengers.

Our Range of Cabin Temperature Sensors

As with all our temperature sensors, Spares Box has a massive range of cabin temperature sensors to fit many of the most common vehicles that have automatic air conditioning systems fitted. Drivers of these vehicles should expect the most comfortable, luxurious driving experience possible, and as such all of these sensors are manufactured to OE levels of build quality, accuracy and performance. This guarantees that your air conditioning will perform with the levels of precision required to keep you cool and comfortable in just about any driving condition.