Cylinder Temperature Sensors

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About Cylinder Temperature Sensors

Keeping a gauge on your engine cylinder temperature and optimising its efficiency, the cylinder head temperature sensor plays a key role in making sure you're getting the most out of your engine with every rev.

How the Cylinder Temperature Sensor Works

The cylinder temperature sensor is one of the most accurate and assured ways of measuring your engine's temperature, specifically in measuring the temperature in your engine's cylinder heads. As with your other engine temperature sensors, the function of cylinder head temperature sensor is to assist your vehicle's ECU in calculating both the amount and ratio of fuel/air mixture that's allowed in the combustion chambers of the cylinders. As well as this, measuring the cylinder head temperature is crucial in ensuring that it doesn't get to a heat where it could potentially pick up damage or corrosion.

Driving with a faulty cylinder head temperature sensor can cause a number of very obvious symptoms and performance issues within your engine. By providing a wrong reading to your ECU, a faulty cylinder temp sensor can lead to a lack of adequate fuel and air entering the engine, leading to potential long starting times, a drop in engine performance and degrading fuel economy.

Our Range of Cylinder Temperature Sensors

A degrading cylinder temperature sensor can have a steadily more negative effect on engine performance and efficiency, so it's important that should you start to experience these symptoms or your check engine light comes on, you check your cylinder head temperature sensor as a matter of priority.

If it is found to need a replacement, Spares Box has a wide range of cylinder temperature sensors from some of the world's best manufacturers in engine sensors and auto electrics. All of our cylinder head temperature sensors are manufactured to OE standards, meaning they meet the strict requirements of your vehicle's manufacturer that makes it suitable for installation in your particular vehicle.