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About EGP Sensors

The EGP sensor is incredibly important for making sure your diesel vehicle is running as efficiently, cleanly and safely as possible. If your EGP sensor is malfunctioning, be sure to get it replaced with one of our high quality parts before it's too late.

How EGP Sensors Work

EGP sensors, or exhaust gas pressure sensors (and sometimes known as exhaust back pressure sensors or EBP sensors), are pressure sensors designed to measure the difference in absolute pressure between the intake and outtake of your diesel vehicle's exhaust system. Many diesel engines (particularly those with diesel particulate filters installed) made under current EU regulations are required to have an EGP sensor installed, as it is vital to help control vehicle emissions and allow your vehicle's DPF to regenerate efficiently.

As well as playing a big role in controlling the output of harmful exhaust gases from your vehicle, EGP sensors are also very important for preventing potentially damaging pressure build ups in your engine. A blockage or damage within your vehicle's exhaust system can lead to build ups of back pressure within your vehicle's engine or turbo, which in turn can compromise the safety of your engine's internal components.

EGP sensors need to be built to withstand not only the high heat and pressures that come as part of being situated within your vehicle's exhaust, but also to cope with the potentially harmful gases that flow through your exhaust system with every crank of the engine. For this reason, most EGP sensors are made from ceramic materials instead of the standard metal or plastic that's found on most vehicle sensors.

Our Range of EGP Sensors

Spares Box carries a huge range of pressure sensors, all designed and engineered to deliver true OE performance in both emissions reduction AND protection for your engine's most vital parts. They're all made by some of the world leaders in engine sensor technology, including Bosch, HELLA and AFI.