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About EGT Sensors

Keeping your engine's output as clean and efficient as possible, EGT sensors are key in helping your engine optimise its performance in terms of both power and economy. Whether you're trying to keep your diesel running as eco-friendly as possible or you're tuning your beloved turbo for maximum output, these EGT sensors will do the job.

How EGT Sensors Work

A key part of ensuring that your vehicle's engine is burning the right ratio of fuel and air comes in measuring the gases that are coming out of the exhaust as a result. In order to do this, many vehicles (particularly diesel and turbocharged vehicles in this case) use exhaust temperature sensors (or EGT sensors) as well as pressure sensors. EGT sensors measure the temperature of the gases coming out of the turbo charger or through the diesel particulate filter (DPF), in order to deliver accurate information to the vehicle's ECU as to how the engine is running.

If the exhaust temperature is too high, this can lead to potentially damaging conditions within the engine, and a good EGT sensor means that your ECU has the right information to adjust the fuel/air mixture to both prevent this from happening and optimise fuel/emissions efficiency. EGT sensors are also commonly used in vehicle tuning, letting drivers of turbocharged vehicles tune things like cylinder timing and fuel/air mixture to squeeze more performance out of their engine.

Our Range of EGT Sensors

Spares Box is happy to offer a wide range of EGT sensors, all aimed at giving your vehicle the best possible potential to generate clean, efficient power. These sensors are supplied by some of the world leaders in automotive sensors, including Bosch and Denso, meaning you can be sure of true OE quality and the kind of reliable performance that the world's most discerning drivers have come to expect from their car parts.