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About Engine Air Temperature Sensors

Engine air temperature sensors are crucial in making sure your vehicle's engine gets the correct flow of fuel to match the air being injected into it's cylinders. This is vital in ensuring not only the best power output from your engine, but also optimised fuel economy and the most effective, clean burn possible.

How Engine Air Temperature Sensors Work

Your vehicle requires a very precise mixture of fuel and air to combust properly and create power in the most efficient manner, something that depends largely on the heat of the air coming into the engine. Cold air has more density, meaning it needs more fuel injected into it to properly combust, but how is your vehicle supposed to know the temperature of this air? This job comes down to the engine air temperature sensor, sometimes known as the intake temperature sensor.

Like many of the temperature sensors in your vehicle, the engine air temperature sensor is just a simple resistor that increases and decreases its electrical resistance in response to changing heat patterns. Operating anywhere between 0V and 5V, the sensor sends the ECU a certain amount of electricity which it then uses to determine the heat of the air passing through it. The colder the air, the more electricity the ECU receives from the engine air temperature sensor, and the more fuel it knows to inject into the fuel/air mixture before it enters the cylinder.

Our Range of Engine Air Temperature Sensors

Spares Box stocks a massive range of engine air temperature sensors and intake temperature sensors, all engineered to work in perfect compatibility with your vehicle's ECU and electronics systems. Built to OE tolerances and designed to work with your exact vehicle, these engine air temperature sensors will deliver the utmost in reliable fuel delivery for your engine, regardless of the driving conditions.