Evaporator Temperature Sensors

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About Evaporator Temperature Sensors

Your vehicle's evaporator temperature sensor measures drops and rises in the temperature of its air conditioning evaporator. By doing this, it's vital in maintaining the health and reliable functioning of your air conditioning system, and in turn helping you stay at a comfortable temperature on the road.

How Evaporator Temperature Sensors Work

Evaporator temperature sensors work in a similar manner to many other temperature sensors, in that they increase and decrease their electrical resistance in relation to the temperature they're sensing. In sensing the temperature of the vehicle's AC evaporator, they are then able to tell the ECU to increase or decrease the flow of air and refrigerant throughout your air conditioning system. The evaporator temperature sensor is also incredibly important in keeping your air conditioning system healthy, as balancing this flow keeps your air conditioning system from not only freezing itself over, but also from overheating.

Being as important as it is, it's only natural that once your evaporator temperature sensor has a problem, you'll know about it through malfunctioning in your AC system. Sending the incorrect readings to your vehicle's ECU can have a disastrous effect on the performance of your vehicle's air condition, rendering it unable to produce cold air to keep you cool, causing fluctuations in the air temperature coming out of the vents, and even causing a total loss of air pressure coming from the AC compressor.

Our Range of Evaporator Temperature Sensors

Spares Box carries a huge range of evaporator temperature sensors from a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers. However, what all of our sensor suppliers have in common is that they are all world leaders in automotive sensor, auto electric and air conditioning sensor technology, producing OE quality parts for a massive number of different vehicles on Australia's roads today. Being a costly area of your car to replace, you can be sure that any sensor you get from Spares Box is coming to you for the best price.